Hear what our students have to say

I love you Jai Yoga.

You healed and liberated me more than I could ever voice.

Here's to Tantric Hatha and all of its beautiful teachings.

Proud as punch to be a part of this tribe." - River Barker Nov 2020

"Reflecting on the most transformative month of my life.

Now coming back to reality, knowing I now have the tools to overcome whatever comes my way and to help others through the wisdom of these beautiful teachings of Ayurveda, Yoga and Tantra,

to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life".- Lizzie Love Nov 2020

Yvette - 200 hour graduate - Nov 2019

Chante - 200 hour module student - Nov 2019

Hey Jane!  Keep doin what your doin. The Shala is an incredible place.   

Chris - Yoga Shala student  


Visiting from Sydney, normally use Power living in Bondi Beach. Had an amazing class at the Shala !!!

Stephen - Yoga Shala student



Thank you and your yoga family for sharing your practice/teachings with me. It has been a  great experience which brought me to a better place in my practice.  I very much enjoyed the Pilates and hope that others get involved as it is a nice mix…  I was very inspired by you Jane, thank you…

Tracy Jones - Yoga Shala student 

I just wanted to say thanks so much for all your help and guidance since last year, I know I'm not a natural yoga student; the poses don't come easy to me and my body always tends to stick out in the wrong places as you know!! But over the last month or so I have really felt a shift, poses are becoming easier. I'm enjoying how the poses make me feel and feel really good in myself after each practice. Most of this is due to you, you are a really great teacher, and I never feel judged when I don't get things right. I really appreciate all your help. Thanks again and see you soon!
Adele Phillips - Yoga Shala student

This place is amazing, a fantastic place for our community to come together and enjoy the physical and mental benefits of yoga. Love all the classes, Hatha with Ali soothes my soul and hot yoga with Jane escalated my fitness. Love it all, Thank you
Mary O'Brien - Yoga Shala student