Tan – to lengthen, stretch or accelerate

Tra – beyond limitations​

Tantra - to expand beyond your personal limitations, such as karma or circumstance


Today's neuroscience is only now starting to prove what the Tantrikas have known for millenia - that no matter the challenge you find at hand, you already have the solution at your opposite fingertips. The intelligence required to solve our own issues lies within. Each of us has the ability to connect to the unified field of awareness and download the answers to our questions. 

Yoga in and of itself has incredible physical, mental, emotional and psychological benefits.


Practicing Asana modulates our bodies' response to traumas and negative experiences of the PAST.

Pranayama techniques balance the Autonomic Nervous System and allow us to become fully PRESENT.

Meditation asks us to activate creative potential and consciously manifest our own FUTURE.

A Tantric Hatha practice deepens this Yoga practice with additional elements:


Bandhas - energetic seals that contain and direct prana

Mantra - sacred chanting to connect to vibrational planes

Mudra - hand and body gestures that contain and direct prana

Yantra - spiritual mathematics & sacred geometry

Specific programming of these techniques into your practice amplifies the benefits of Yoga onemillionfold. Tantric Hatha is a deeply transformative expression of Yoga, that will guide you firmly and kindly down the path of personal, spiritual development.

So who can practice Tantric Hatha? Everyone can. It is less athletic than many of the super-physical Yoga styles out there, yet still challenging. The practices are slower and more powerful so there is time and space for practitioners of every level to move the the postures. And as for the refined, inner work, we are ALL naturals at that. Tantric Hatha is merely your reminder.

This system has been tried and tested over the history of humankind, transmitted from guru to student to present day. That’s why we call it a Science. Tantric Hatha is less concerned with gymnastics and more intent on finding the personal power innate within you to guide you through your challenges and empower you on your path, so that you may serve others, and in that service, thrive!

Rather than becoming a monk and disappearing into a cave to practice your spirituality, Tantra insists that you come to know your most powerful Self, your Dharma, and then take that spiritual superpower into the world and weave a reality of greater joy and bliss, prosperity, love and compassion.

Tantric Hatha illuminates the path of self-knowledge and guides you back to Source.

Come practice and study with us...