The Gayatri Mantra

We found an excellent version of the Gayatri Mantra on soundcloud! It's an authentic reindition so we wanted to share it with you. As one of the five open mantra, Gayatri calls in the vibration which clears density and lights the path of self-awareness. We love practicing to 108 rounds when you want to be washed with the vibration from the outside. Hari Om.

Bhur Bhuvaḥ Swaḥ Tat-savitur Vareñyaṃ Bhargo Devasya Dhīmahi Dhiyo Yonaḥ Prachodayāt

Om: The primeval sound;

Bhur: the physical body/physical realm;

Bhuvah: the life force/the mental realm

Suvah: the soul/spiritual realm;

Tat:  That (God);

Savitur: the Sun, Creator (source of all life);

Vareñyam: adore;

Bhargo: effulgence (divine light);

Devasya: supreme Lord;

Dhīmahi: meditate;

Dhiyo: the intellect;

Yo: May this light;

Nah: our;

Prachodayāt: illumine/inspire

We honor the Sun, the creator that gives us life, whose light illuminates all realms

May this light shine upon and from within us to alight our self-knowledge

We meditate on that most adored Supreme Lord, the creator, whose effulgence (divine light) illumines all realms (physical, mental and spiritual). May this divine light illumine our intellect.


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