We know that taking a whole month out of your life for a training is a (worthwhile) sacrifice and it's not always achievable for everyone. So we are offering key modules from our training as workshops so that you can join for a few days, or a week instead, and take in this divine science in your own time.


The following modules from our 200 Hour training courses are open as drop-in options if you don't have the full month free, or if you'd prefer to slowly accrue your hours towards a teaching certification.


1/ Anatomy & Physiology

2/ The Energetic Body

3/ History & Philosophy

4/ Ayurveda

5/ Patanjali's Eight Limbs

6/ Yoga Sutra & The Bhagavad Gita

7/ Vinyasa Krama

8/ Teaching Pranayama & Meditation

As a teacher, these modules count towards your Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Points (CEP).

If this is your first attendance on a Yoga Training, you can bank module hours towards a 200 Hour certification, so long as the full 200 Hours of training is taken with Jai Yoga. Study at your own leisure, take your time, integrate and eventually, you'll gain your teaching certification.

Or simply join us for a module to satisfy your curiosity!

Find full details and book below. See you there.


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