We know that taking a whole month out of your life for a training is a (worthwhile) sacrifice

and it's not always achievable for everyone.


So we are offering key modules as individual workshops.

Or if your aiming for yoga teacher accreditation,

you can bank these modules count towards your 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Points (CEP).

As long as the full 200 Hours of training is taken with Jai Yoga.


Study at your own leisure, take your time, integrate and eventually, you'll gain your teaching certification.

Or simply join us for a module to satisfy your curiosity!

Prices include all yoga classes with us during the duration of the paid module.

prices also include GST.

If you are studying to attain a yoga teaching accreditation with us the modules that must be attended are

History & Philosophy + Ayurveda + Yoga Sutras + Bhagavad Gita = Complete History & Philosophy certification $750

Physical Anatomy + Subtle Energy = Complete Anatomy & Physiology certification      $600

Ayurveda Module pic.jpeg


28, 29, 30 May 9am to 12pm

What is ayurveda's relevance to yoga

Learn the basics of this ancient health science

Understand your dosha, gunas, the laws and the dinacharya      $225

Anatomy Module Pic.jpg


4, 5, 6, 8, 9  June 9am to 12pm


Nervous system

Endocrine system

Respiratory system

Musculoskeletal system

Spine & pelvis.                   $375

BG Module Pic.jpg


13 June 9am to 12pm

Discover the goddesses of yoga

Understand the feminine nature of different energies

Study everyones favourite lesson, the Bhagavad Gita & how it relates to life today                         $75



4 - 12  June 9am to 12pm



Physical Anatomy

& Subtle Energy



History and Philosophy module pic.jpeg


25, 26, 27 May 9am to 12pm

Samkhya Philosophy

7 stages of hatha progression

3 streams of awareness

Historical timeline

Key figures

Lineage & schools of Tantra   $225



1, 2, 3 June 9am to 12pm

Who was Patanjali?

What are the yoga sutras?

What is the karma cycle?

What is their relevance to today?

What are the main sutras and why?

Learn the 8 limbs.               $225



10, 11, 12 June 9am to 12pm

Learn the energetic chart.

What are doshas, gunas, nadis, chakras, koshas, bandhas, mudra and mantra?

What is prana?

What is shakti?                  $225


H & P - 200 YTT

25 May - 3 June + 13 June

$750 Includes

History & Philosophy


Yoga Sutras

Deities & Bhagavad Gita

+ Practices

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