Drop into a month of simplicity and deep learning with Jai Yoga in crystal clear Jindabyne, Australia


This is what our 2019 graduate, Gen had to say about the Shala and Jindabyne as a training location.

"The Shala is still one of the most beautiful places I have had the chance to practice in so far. The space, the energy, the view of the lake, the infrared heating ;). Everything seems so right…so peaceful. 

I also think Jindabyne is the perfect location. Not too big but energetically and visually spacious, close to nature, not too much distraction, good cafes. I felt very much at home in that town."

At the gateway to Australia’s highest mountain, Mount Kosciuszko, Jindabyne is beautifully unique.  The lakeside alpine air is pure and sweet, feeding untainted prana into your lungs. The environment is clean and clear, providing a perfect natural backdrop for you to drop in, tune out and connect with the teachings of the course.

Jindabyne has four distinct seasons. The November training is in Spring, with temperatures ranging from 20 to 25 degrees celsius. It’s the season of snow-melt and wildflowers, the right time to Ayurvedically cleanse and align with the season of growth and renewal.

Our tight-knit community grew from a diverse group of settlers who braved the area to help build the dam. Jindabyne Yoga Shala, the host venue for the training, is one of the original community buildings. It has only ever housed the Country Women’s Association and holds 60 years of Shakti or feminine creative energy.

All accommodation and food options are closely located, so you can simplify your time and focus fully with the tradition over the month. Most lodging options are walking distance to the Shala so forget the car for some time and get back to basics. We are happy to assist you in finding accommodation and the Shala has kitchen facilities for storing and cooking if you prefer to feed yourself, as we generally do.

Please feel welcome to contact Jane 0403 033 170, directly for accommodation advice or check below for our guide to staying in Jindabyne.

jindabyne - YOUR alpine playground

Jindabyne Yoga Shala

Check out your home studio for the month!

Fun Stuff

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How To Get There

Once you get to Jindabyne and settle into the course, you will be within walking distance to everything you need for the month. Alternately Jindy is a big biking town so you have the option of bicycle transport once you land. The month is fully immersive and intensive so we don't expect that you will be dashing up the mountain in the evenings.


If you're thinking of flying in and ditching the car, we totally encourage you to do that!

The nearest airport is Canberra, a two hour drive from our location.

We offer a free pick up service from Canberra Airport or Canberra train & bus stations.

Please let us now your travel plans so that we can assist you!


We have an accommodation partnership with a local lodge that is located very close to the studio. Rooms

Alternately, please feel free to contact Jane on +61 4013 033 170 directly to discuss the right option for you. (This is with the intention to use local knowledge to help make your month as cost effective as we can and does not involve kick-backs or incentives for Jai Yoga).

Food Options

Jindabyne Yoga Shala has kitchen facilities so you have the option of preparing your own food and skipping restaurant life. But on those nights you want to try something different, here are our local faves :)



The best cafe in town!



Local Persian restaurant



CBD Jindabyne cafe



The Market Jindabyne – Café & wholefoods store


Yummy Jindy Cafe



Our Italian Restaurant



Mediterranean Restaurant

Any other questions? Call us up.

Jai Yoga!