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Jai Yoga is a yoga teacher training school based on the systematic teachings of Tantric Hatha

philosophies and methodologies.


These are profoundly simple, practical and powerful teachings. The wisdom and practices are based on the Moon, Sun, Fire methodology, a systematic, progressive method of transformation, that empowers you to be the best version of yourself.  

This is a lineage based training.

A living chain of transmission, from teacher to student

that has lasted the ultimate test of time.

The vision is to educate, empower and evolve you into a fully proficient and confident human being and yoga teacher. And to do this in the most

elegant, efficient and authentic way possible.

Jane Corben is the lead trainer, studio owner and Jai Yoga founder, with over 2,000 hours of training and numerous years of teaching and life experiences.



200  HOUR

  • The history & philosophy of yoga

  • Ayurveda from a yogic perspective

  • The Yoga Sutras in detail

  • Master the subtle energy body; chakras, nadis & koshas

  • Physical anatomy & physiology

  • Fluency to teach asana, pranayama, bandhas, vayus, kriyas, meditation, mudra & mantra

  • The science & art behind sequencing

  • Safety & alignment principles

  • Pregnancy, Seniors, Yin yoga

  • Maps to ignite your personal practice

  • How to find your dharma, your souls purpose

  • The business and ethics of yoga

  • And more




The traditional hatha practices of asana, pranayama and meditation are a proven system that opens the body, frees the prana, reveals the contents of your mind and silences the ego,

gifting you the clarity of self-awareness and a deeper experience of life.

The further tweaks of bandha, mudra, mantra

and kriya add precision to the practices.

This system deals primarily in energetics and yet the beauty of this practice lies in its practicality. Taken with dedication, this yoga is a stable, sustainable transformation modality

that has a lasting effect.

It will reveal your true Self and empower you into a life of greater joy, creativity and love!