200 Hour Tantra Hatha Yoga Teacher Training




19th October - 14th November 


(Part Time) 

Week One 11th - 16th January

Week Two 1st - 6th February

Week Three 22nd - 27th February

Week Four 15th - 20th March


Intention for our training:

+ Introduce you to the life long study of yoga philosophy

+ Give you a personal practice to ignite your life and illuminate your path

+ Guide you to a tangible experience of transformational energy and a desire to explore it further

+ Share the practical tools and knowledge required to teach safe, effective, authentic Tantric Hatha

+ Support you into the teaching path so that you may use this system to heal and transform yourself and others



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Please don't hesitate if you have any burning questions about Tantric Hatha,

who can apply, or teacher training environments

or the old cliche "Am I good enough"?

Hari Om!


(Born on the same day 34years apart)

S Y L L A B U S    O V E R V I E W


Following is a map of the lectures, topics and practices we will cover in this program


History & Philosophy

Samkhyan philosophy

7 stages of Hatha progression

Key figures in Yoga

Historical timeline

Introduction to Ayurveda

Patanjali’s 8 Limbs

The 6 branches


The Deities

Yoga Sutra & the Bhagavad Gita

Anatomy & Physiology


Musculoskeletal system

Nervous Systems & Endocrine System

The Spine & The Pelvis

Respiratory System

The Energetic Body

The Koshas

Teaching Methodology

Teaching Methodology 

Vinyasa Krama and the elements of Yoga

Energetics of Asana

The Vayus

Teaching Pranadharana; Pranayama; Kriya

Physical presence: cuing; language; voice projection; body language

Asana lab: practical study of postures, pose categories & sequences

Drills: practice teaching postures & sequences

Qualities of a teacher: priorities & boundaries

Common injuries; safety principles; sensation vs pain

Demo’ing & adjusting

Teaching mixed levels & modifications

Pregnancy & Seniors

The business of Yoga: personal practice and what to teach



Channelling Consciousness

5 key Vayu Kriya Meditations

Rudrani Kriya



Energy Direction

Anjali Mudra

Gyan Mudra

Dhyana Mudra

The 5 Vayu Mudra


Science of Vibration

Gayatri Mantra

AUM Mantra

Asana & Sequences

Surya Namaskar A & B

Vayu Namaskar

Key Asana from each pose category

Selected Practicum sequence

Bandhas & Energetic Seals


Uddiyana Bandha

Jalandhara Bandha

Pranayama - Breath Control

Natural Yogi breath


Sama Vrtti

6:6:4; 6:4:6

Surya & Chandra Bhedana

Nadi Shodhana

Prana Dharana

course DETAILS

EARLY BIRD        $3,300 incl GST

(Deposit by 7th September 2020)

FULL PRICE         $3,900 incl GST

Sample Schedule

6.00am   -  Practice

7.30am   -  Breakfast

9.00am   -  Theory Class

12.00pm -  Lunch

1.00pm   -  Practicals / Asana Lab

3.00pm   -  Break

3.30pm   -  Philosophy or Practical Class

5.00pm   -  End of day

Jane +61 403 033 170          |            hello@jaiyoga.com.au  

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