We are experienced Yogis sharing the art, science and philosophy of Tantric Hatha practices.


We offer workshops for your personal development and teacher trainings with a vision to educate, empower and expand you into a fully proficient and confident Yoga teacher.

Our next training is 25 May - 20 June. Join us! Send us a messgae if you have questions or hit up the 'Connect' page for our application form.

jai yogis


is Jane Corben and Amy Bassett


We are dedicated students and teachers of Tantric Hatha. Fully devoted, we follow the wisdom of tradition and we offer our lives to the guidance of Yoga. Our paths crossed on the 500 Hour Advanced Tantric Hatha training at The Practice in Bali and now we are super excited to share this transformative, healing system with those who wish to ignite their lives with the light of self-knowledge. 

Hari Om!

200 hour

teacher training

In this training, we share:

  • Yoga Philosophy & History

  • Anatomy & Physiology

  • Safety & Alignment principles

  • The Energetic body - Chakra & Nadi systems 

  • Fluency in a key set of Yoga practices - Asana, Pranayama, Kriya (Meditation), Mudra, Bandha, Mantra

  • The confidence and knowledge to create and teach fully integrated sequences

  • Physical presence; vocal projection and body language

  • A passionate connection to your personal practice; inspiration and connection to the highest version of Your Self

  • And more

tantric hatha

The traditional Hatha practices of Asana, Pranayama and Meditation are a proven system that opens the body, frees the breath, reveals the contents of your mind and silences the ego, giving you the gift of self-awareness.

Tantric practices like Bandha, Mudra, Mantra and Kriya are a set of precise tweaks that bring forth complete illumination of the Self.

Together they are Tantric Hatha. This system deals primarily in energetics and yet the beauty of this practice lies in its practicality. Taken with dedication, this Yoga is a stable, sustainable transformation modality that has a lasting effect. It will reveal your true Self and empower you into a life of greater joy, creativity and love!

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